Hi, welcome to the site, I’m Ben. Born in Washington D.C., my life as a creative started early on. I was constantly drawing, painting and constructing objects out of lego, cardboard, plywood or whatever I could find. At age eleven, I became fascinated with photography when I had a chance to process and print my first images in a darkroom. In school I didn’t not formally pursue any creative outlets beyond my time as yearbook photo editor but, then, after a few years of studying Japanese at the University of Colorado I found myself returning to the arts. I went on to earn degrees in drawing and painting from Corcoran College of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. The practices established during this time set the foundation for all of my many, varied creative and professional pursuits, including everything from working as an artist’s assistant to design work and carpentry. For the most part, this path kept me bouncing around the Western United States, Asia, and Australia but recently I found my way to the American South and these days I can usually be found in Charleston, SC.

Over the last few years my photographic process, which had been primarily reflective and more personal in nature (as seen in my snaps page) has turned toward storytelling. In 2017 I was invited to Rwanda to help document Project Ubumwe, a facet of the national genocide reconciliation. I was deeply affected by the people I met there and by the need for their story to be told. Perhaps even more, I have been moved by the way in which the story of Rwanda has affected people with whom I have shared my photos. I hope to make it back soon to continue participating in documenting the incredible work of these courageous people but I am also excited to work with people of all walks of life, to tell the stories of their passion and help communicate their vision.

I have experience working with many small businesses, not only as a photographer but also utilizing my training in visual communication to assist in developing marketing and branding strategies. Helping people and brands realize their core identity motivates me deeply and that goal is in mind whenever I look though my camera. Feel free to ask for references.

It would be great to talk about projects you’re working on, hear about what photographs are meaningful to you, or what you think of my site so please don’t hesitate to get it touch!